When Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Goes Overboard

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a type of disorder that occurs in the carpal tunnel. This syndrome occurs when the median nerve running through the wrist is compressed due to additional pressure exerted on it. Hence this type of syndrome is a neurological disorder.

Causes of carpal tunnel syndrome

This syndrome usually occurs in women. During pregnancy the fluid retention in the hand increases. As a result of this, pressure is exercised on the nerves. This is followed by numbness and swelling of the hand. In some cases the numbness is accompanied with pain too. Sometimes exertion in manual activities can also lead to this syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome can follow after an injury occurred to the carpal tunnel. Trauma to the boney walls and fracture can lead to this syndrome. Hypothyroidism, rheumatic arthritis, diabetes and some other diseases can also result into carpal tunnel syndrome.

In severe cases

Carpal tunnel syndrome rarely shows any severe cases. However, if the symptoms are severe then recovery from his syndrome is prolonged. In this case, the muscles in the arms are wasted. If the degree of severity increases then the only solution to this syndrome is surgery. The sooner the surgery is done the better it is. The risk that may follow a surgery includes bleeding, infection and nerve damage. In such condition the skin may feel dry due to reduced rate of perspiration in the median territory. In some cases the severity of the syndrome is caused due to irreversible nerve damage. Electromyography is one way of treating severe carpal tunnel syndrome. Open endoscopic carpal tunnel releases may increase in severe cases of carpal tunnel syndrome. In such situations the grip strength of the affected individual may decrease. The person affected by this disease may feel it difficult to do simple manual activities such as holding objects or putting buttons. Severe pain and inflammation of the nerve are also associated with this syndrome. This can be cured by injecting anti-inflammatory drug kwon as corticosteroid. Hence in order to avoid increasing severity of this syndrome it is advisable to treat this disorder at the initial stage itself.