Who Invented Aerobics

This world renowned state of exercise has become the most advanced form of workout for the health freaks. But what is in store during this program? And what benefits do you get, which can be termed as different from the mediocre ones? Aerobics basically is an arrangement of physical condition premeditated to augment circulatory and respiratory competence that engages forcefully sustained exercises like swimming, jogging, cycling etc. Dr. Kenneth cooper, initially invented aerobics as a part of Man in Space program when in Aerospace medicine school. He developed these aerobic callisthenic’s with the intention of providing relief to the Astronauts who got all cramped up in the space shuttle. But due to the excessive use of gadgets back on earth, it deprived the human kind to put their limbs to use. And thus, Aerobics entered the common mans life as well. And eventually it so turned out that American citizens were in need of this particular exercise more than the Astronauts.

The workout
This particular health regime was to monitor the pulse rate and oxygen consumption, which requires large muscle groups to keep poignant constantly for at least twenty minutes. This lead, to Aerobics entering into the health freak world, which was popularized through videotapes by Jane Fonda—instructing a team with an upbeat music in the background, and Jane as the instructor. In the later stages, Aerobics developed its advanced versions such as “low impact” which made sure your feet maintained their contact with the ground. This then transformed to dance based workouts, which became extremely popular with the masses belonging to the young age group. The musical twist to a boring workout invoked amazing positive response. And moreover it benefited the customers more than they expected and this is why the popularity doubled.

The only essentialities for this program are to have a good pair of sports shoes and comfortable clothes. This is highlighted as the exercise schedule involves a lot of jumping around which needs a good grip of the floor. And secondly, the clothes should be such which do not come in the way while you are moving your hands and legs around and nor should they restrict any exercise movements. And another thing required for this, is to have a time set out especially for this workout. If you are regular and sincere, the results you get are par excellence. So if you are on the lines of wanting to loose weight then grab a pair of athletic shoes and run to the nearest Aerobics center.